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multi-spindle drilling machine

Zhejiang Handa Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of multiple-spindle drilling machine Machine, Modular Machine, Hydraulic parts and Hydraulic System. Handa Company designed and produced the TARWIT Multiple Spindles Drilling Machine based on the most advanced technology. It can carry a number of drill bits, not only for drilling but also for tapping and reaming.

It also a hydraulic drilling machine, can move upwards, downwards, fast forward and rewind by the hydraulic system automatically. As the name indicates multiple spindles drilling machine, it has a number of spindles and driven by a single power head, can carry 1 to 20 similar sizes or different sizes drill bits base on the diameter of the holes to be drilled.

It widely used for many Industries, such as Auto Supply, electromotor, hardware, etc. Especially for Engine BOX, Casting Rind, Break Drum, Brake Tray, Redirector, Hubcap, Shaft Header, Pump, Value parts and Sola Energy parts.

Number of spindles12
Number of spindles   ¢3--¢18
Number of spindles 30 (mm)
Machining area150 x 250 (mm)
Working area400 x 300 (mm)
Spindle nose to table distance210
Head travel240 (mm)
Main spindle speed min-1(r.p.m) 415 / 665 / 1040
Number of spindles3
Spindle motor2.2kw
Hydraulic pump motor0.75kw
Dimensions length*width*highL920 x W660 x H1690(mm)